Boulder’s Largest Group TRX Training Facility

Image TRX Sport is a fitness center that specializes in TRX workouts and personal fitness training in Boulder, CO. Our TRX instructors are all TRX certified for both individual and group training and not only do we stay current on all new TRX workouts, we’re always on the cutting edge of fitness.

Unlike most other Boulder facilities that offer TRX, Image TRX Sport has over 20 TRX Suspension Trainer stations located away from the walls and all obstacles, providing for a full range of movement and exercises. We teach hundreds of different exercises with TRX designed for strengthening your core, upper body, and lower body.

Boulder‘s health conscious, athletic population makes it an attractive location for a large TRX training facility.  After successfully launching and operating two Alaskan TRX studios, bringing this effective endurance and strength training technique to Boulder was a clear choice.  TRX is the ideal next step to enhancing any workout regime, including marathon training and triathlon training programs.

TRX is resistance and cardio training all in one.  In our classes we use the TRX to help with jumping mechanics for cardio enhancement, while also performing muscle isolation exercises (one arm rows, one leg squats, etc.).

From beginners to professional athletes in Boulder, anyone can use the TRX suspension trainers to enhance functional core strength, stability, and flexibility. TRX is especially effective as an addition to marathon training and triathlon training programs.

Image TRX Sport Classes:

  • Beginning TRX
  • Intermediate TRX
  • Advance TRX
  • Specialty Boulder TRX Flavored Classes

More Benefits of TRX:

  • TRX is easy to understand and use,
  • TRX will lead to injury prevention,
  • TRX will build your lean muscle mass without the intimidation of weights,
  • TRX is a full body workout,
  • TRX will shock your body and keep it guessing,
  • TRX can be used anywhere in Boulder, and both inside and outside (but we recommend here!).

TRX Workouts in Boulder, CO

Based in Boulder, CO, Image TRX Sport is a fitness center specializing in TRX workouts and cardio workouts by using a TRX suspension trainer for weight loss and strength training. The fitness instructors at Image TRX Sport are all TRX certified for both individual and group training, and can provide personalized fitness instruction to help you achieve your weight loss or strength training goals, even including custom marathon training and triathlon training programs.

View our full schedule and sign up for TRX classes and events here, or contact Image TRX Sport by phone at (303) 834-5056 to jump-start your fitness!

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