Image TRX Sport is a functional fitness center in Boulder, CO with a goal to provide education and motivation to promote a health lifestyle.

Image TRX Sport’s goal is to create trust, honesty, and satisfaction with all clients, and also build an environment where a person can experience ultimate training and health benefits that are derived from the use of their own ambition and inner strength. 

View our upcoming TRX class schedule here and get your first TRX workout class for FREE!

TRX Training Classes

TRX workouts consist of a full body workout using the resistance of your own body weight. Classes are customized to individuals with weight loss goals, sport specific goals, injury rehabilitation, and overall fitness.

TRX Suspension Training provided at Image TRX Sport in Boulder includes:

  • Basic introduction to the TRX system,
  • Intermediate TRX workouts,
  • Cardio drills with the TRX system,
  • Advanced athlete training.

Image TRX Sport’s goal is to see individuals succeed in their current training and/or weight loss goal, while also being able to advance to the next level. Image TRX Sport not only provides TRX workouts through Suspension Training, but offers a progressive atmosphere for you to advance into other classes.  View our upcoming TRX class schedule here and get your first TRX workouts class for FREE!

Personal  Training

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At Image TRX Sport’s fitness center, individual personal training includes meeting with clients to ensure clarification of current goals, conducting fitness assessments, and describing the type of training needed for the current goal of the client.

Whether you identify a weight loss, general fitness, or professional fitness goal, the highly skilled trainers at Image TRX Sport in Boulder, CO, are here to help you. Once training has been chosen by the trainer and the client, a schedule will be put in place to achieve their goals in a timely matter. Training will use a variety of tools depending on the client and the goals they want to achieve. Contact Image TRX Sport for more information on personal fitness training.